2016 Projects
Tohuaxcan Tlahtole – Our Language
Maya Lazzaro, Hugo Rojas Godinez, Rachael Bongiorno & Andrea Gonzalez Maroto
Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts, Culture and Media (BA); Schools of Public Engagement, Media Studies (MS); Schools of Public Engagement, Media Studies (MS); Schools of Public Engagement, International Affairs (MA)

Young people learning and sharing the Indigenous Nahuatl language and culture across Mexico and the U.S through video, photography, audio stories and social media networking.

We will co-create a media training and social networking project that integrates media, technology and education to preserve and strengthen the Indigenous cultural tradition of the Nahuas. We will work with young people and their educators at Calpulli Tecalco A.C., a community based and community operated NGO in San Pedro Atocpan, Mexico. Calpulli Tecalco asked to collaborate on a media project so they can use media as a teaching and learning tool for Nahuatl- the ancient but now endangered language of the Aztec people. Through the creation of short sharable videos, audio stories and photography, the students will link with other students learning Nahuatl via social media in Mexico and in the U.S. Media will also be used as an advocacy tool by the community to protect their local environment, which is threatened by an expanding Mexico City and the effects of climate change more broadly.


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