2016 Projects
Village Stories Palestine
Nicholas Turner
The New School for Public Engagement, International Affairs (MA)

Village Stories is a digital multi-media project designed to and enrich the global understanding of Palestine through storytelling while contributing to the expansion of a fledgling Palestinian story production industry.

Using the concept of “The Global Village” as a gathering place for artists to tell stories on a particular topic, Village Stories will break down complex experiences into specific, universal themes in order to provide Global audiences with original and diverse perspectives of Palestine. In this project, I will produce five stories on the theme of Urban Living in Palestine. I have chosen this initial theme based on my personal experience living in Palestine for a year, and the universal qualities that are recognizable to all people living in a city environment. The completed work will be featured via a mobile application and web-based digital platform, allowing for easy, open access targeted for modern media consumption. I believe by utilizing new technologies, people will have the ability and desire to engage with Palestine in new and informed ways, as well as provide Palestinian artists with access to resources.


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