2016 Projects
Virtual Reality Platform
YongJin Son, Seung Whan Lee & Clair Chun
Parsons School of Design, Strategic Design and Management (MS); Parsons School of Design, Design and Technology (MFA); Parsons School of Design, Strategic Design and Management (MS)

In order to empower the vulnerable population of the remote areas, we offer them virtual reality tourism service.

How do we help our disable, elderly communities to share our feelings of what we see? How can we be the messenger for those who are unable to feel accessible and inclusive to the community? Finding the solution to these problems led us to develop virtual reality social networking service. The merit of our website is that our users will be able to see an object, such as the Empire State Building, in 360 degree view. A member can create his room and request to view certain area of his or her interest as one is unable to travel, then those who sign up as our community service members will be alerted with the request when they are close to the location requested to view. The volunteer can fulfill the quest on be half of the disability, and send him or her the content, to make the disability to feel accepted, cared, and included in the community at large.


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