2016 Projects
Ali Bati
Parsons School of Design, Design and Technology (MFA)

vr.able is a project that aims to explore what people in wheelchairs experience, in order to create a tool to help them overcome the challenges of their situation and for able-bodied people to empathize with disabled people by recreating the wheelchair experience in virtual reality.

Although feeling sympathy for the challenges that disabled people experience is a good start, it doesn’t offer any solutions apart from the relief it gives to the person feeling it. So it becomes more crucial to establish empathy rather than sympathy.

vr.able is a project that aims to explore the experiences of people in wheelchairs. Through vr.able people recently committed to the use of wheelchairs because of a physical catastrophe can overcome the challenges of their situation. Vr.able helps able-bodied people learn to empathize with wheelchair users. The technology is a stationary wheelchair on a treadmill rigged as a controller. The experience is also accompanied by visuals in a VR headset. Users will be able to choose one of the presets or build a virtual experience for themselves. There will be options like curves, corners, and obstacles like buildings, furniture, slopes and slanted surfaces to adjust the level of difficulty. It can be used in places like hospitals and clinics for training or museums and schools for educational purposes.


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