2016 Projects
White Collection
Jamileh Nadelmann
Parsons School of Design, Fashion Design (BFA)

This collection addresses the topic of death and questions its negative connotations in our society by drawing from visual representations of bone houses and cemeteries.

The concept of my collection was to create a sartorial memento mori to remind the viewer of our human mortality and the exilement of the dead from our society and mind. The topic of death has been perversed and turned into something disgusting and unspeakable. This project is a visual exploration of historic cemeteries and bone houses to show that death used to be seen an axiomatic companion of life and a connection to our ancestors. My project raises awareness to the following question: how is it possible that such a universal and natural state has been banned out of mind, out of sight?


Project Needs

If you would like to offer your expertise for any of these project needs, please contact the applicant through the commenting section.

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