2016 Projects
White is the Safest Color: the Differential Effects of Race on the Mental Well Being of Undocumented Immigrants in the United States
Titanilla Kiss
The New School for Social Research, Psychology (PhD)

By pointing out how the race of undocumented immigrants leads to discrimination and mental health problems, I hope to show that the current immigration law discriminates against undocumented immigrants of color.

While undocumented status is associated with a lot of negative outcomes, such as lack of rights, elevated stress, probability of deportation and higher levels of discrimination, up until today we know very little about how undocumented status may effect the mental health of immigrants. Utilizing survey method, this project will examine how the lack of legal status effects the mental well being of illegal immigrants in the United States. The specific goals of this work are to explore (1) how race contributes to the varied psychological health outcomes of undocumented immigrants, and (2) the roles (a) perceived discrimination and (b) stigma invisibility may play in these differences.



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